Exceptional times require exceptional measures. In order to meet the stricter requirements to keep the distance, we have quickly re-used our existing materials and designed a low-cost product from them, which offers the retail trade a valuable help in the daily management of customer flows:

countMe Slim

CountMe is a cooperation between Trade Marketing Intelligence AG and Richnerstutz AG – two specialists in retail and event marketing.

The Pillars

Our product, consisting of two steles and an app, regulates access with an easy-to-understand traffic light system: fully automatic, simple and inexpensive. Equipped with our proven clamping frame, programmed LED stripes, an infrared sensor and in combination with a simple but effective software, our Stele takes care of counting customers at the entrance and exit. Just plug in and get started.

The app

With the included CountMe app, our customers have a valuable monitoring tool that guarantees a continuous overview of the current customer capacity in the store. In addition, the app control system enables an immediate and uncomplicated response to new federal measures.

Sustainable use

CountMe is not only the right choice in a crisis where no one really knows how long it will last. Even in the post-crisis period, the stele can continue to be used effectively. Whether for customer or employee information, as a signalling element or as an advertising platform. By using our standard products, the content is easy and inexpensive to replace.

CountMe Slim
CountMe Slim
  • Traffic counting
  • Counts individual access and exit
  • Suitable for small shops and narrow entrances / exits
  • Entry and exit is ensured by walking past different sides of the pillar
  • Only one person is registered when passing with a pram
  • Precaution of the shop staff needed
CountMe Basic
  • Traffic counting
  • Counts individual access and exit
  • The distance between the customer and the barrier must be 2 meters
  • Leaving the shop must be done through the signalled exit by individual
  • Only one person is registered when passing with a pram
  • Precaution of the shop staff needed
CountMe Pro
  • Traffic counting
  • Zone occupancy
  • Dwell/waiting times
  • Heatmaps
  • Event- and object stram data
  • No precaution of the shop operator needed
  • Analytics platform available
  • Expandable for other applications (e.g. Trackit)
  • Headcounts per groups

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